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Marco Bassaletti

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Extensive experience generating value for Startups, Government Organizations and Big Tech Companies.

I can work on high-intensity environments with lots of ambiguity.

High-productivity (2200+ Commits on 2019)

I'm able to code, troubleshoot issues, design solutions and mentor engs.

Experience ramping up, stabilizing, refactoring and adding value to undocumented legacy systems.

15 Years of Experience

I have experience on Frontent, Backend, Compilers, Interpreters, OCR & ML and Systems Administration.

Backend Engineer @ Meta

Currently working as Systems Engineer on Meta FinTech Division.

Experience working on Merchant on Record and Third Party Payment Processors integration.

Experience with automated build systems, oncall, devops, linux server administration.

Experience working with critical systems with live traffic.